Automated Railway Profiling Network (ARPNet): Connected Locomotive-based Sensors to Automate the Flagging of Rail Maintenance Issues

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Objectives The objective of this project is to facilitate collaboration and build a cooperative program of rail-related research between the University of Alabama and the University of Kentucky. Approach The Universities Alabama and Kentucky have prepared a proposal submitted to the Federal Railroad Administration FRA to identify and solve problems related to track and rolling stock operations and maintenance. While the proposal was not selected for funding, the Kansas City Southern Railroad Company has expressed interest in our approach and have indicated willingness to partially fund continued work on the topic. RJ Corman Railroad Company has also expressed interest in working with the University of Kentucky on rail research and operations optimization. In collaboration with UA, UK proposes to continue development of the FRA proposal concept, Automated Railway Profiling Network (ARPNet), connected locomotive-based sensor networks to automate the flagging of rail segments maintenance issues Specifically, UK will assist UA in the development of geographic information systems-based applications to analyze locomotive based sensor data. This analysis is intended to lead towards the identification of track and/or rolling stock abnormalities. Timely identification of these abnormalities would lead to a reduction in maintenance and operations costs, and more importantly to the reduction or prevention of train derailments. This work will result in the preparation of proposals in response to rail research RFPs, proposed research and development for railroad companies, preparation and submission of scholarly papers for publication, and presentation of e research findings at industry conferences.
Effective start/end date9/23/198/31/22


  • University of Alabama: $120,552.00


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