Barriers and Opportunities for Adding Value to Small Ruminant Animals

  • King, Betty (PI)

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The number of small ruminant animals (sheep and goats) on Kentucky farms has grown rapid over the past few years as farmers look for a means to replace lost tobacco income. Up to this time, the response of University Extension personnel has been focused on production practices and techniques. As the industry evolves from a breeding stock and replacement female (for expansion) phase, it will be necessary to market animals based on their actual value as meat animals. Several pro- blems are emerging during this evolutionary process which will limit potential, particularly for producers who wish to add value to their animals through direct marketing or by capitalizing on the value of various by-products. This training project will identify these problems and seek solutions by working with farmers, Extension agent: and specialists, state and local health authorities and the appropriate regulatory agencies.
Effective start/end date4/1/035/31/05


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