Bedrock Geology of the Southern Winchendon 7.5 Minute Quadrangle, North-central Massachusetts

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The continued development of our understanding of the evolution of orogens is predicated on availability of accurate geologic base maps and detailed structural information tied to those maps. The Appalachian orogen is arguably one of the two longest studied orogens in the world (Alps being the other). Although reasonably accurate geologic maps exist for some areas (central Massachusetts: work of Robinson and others; western North and South Carolina; work of Hatcher and others), it could be argued that we know less about the Appalachians in terms of the details of kinematics and timing than we do about the Himalayan orogen, which is cuntntly a hotbed of modem field study, petrology, and geochronology, and heavy instrumentation (GPS, seismology). The latter work has led to innovative concepts for the evolution of orogens such as escape tectonics, deep crustal channel flow and lateral extrusion. As a more deeply exhumed orogen, it is possible that the Appalachians can provide equally provocative insight into deep crustal analogues for active processes seen at the surface in the Himalayas, and the Alps. Accurate bedrock and surficial geologic maps also serve a utilitarian purpose in areas of heavy suburban development. Foundation design requires knowledge of substrate composition and stability. Equally important is understanding of the properties of aquifers developed in crystalline bedrock, which are primarily fracture-controlled. The majority of private residences in western and central Massachusetts have water wells drilled into crystalline bedrock. Fracture characterization, as deduced from outcrop studies, is an important approach for predicting flow and recharge at depth.
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