Best Places to Work: How "Making the List" Impacts the Strength and Sustainability of Subsequent Recruitment and Turnover Outcomes

  • Dineen, Brian (PI)

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"Best Places to Work" (BPTW) and similar competitions have proliferated. Yet, little is known about their degree of impact on recruitment and turnover outcomes. Using archival information and survey data from over 100,000 employees in over 1,000 BPTW-participating companies, we will examine using regression and HLM (a) strength and direction ofBPTW effects on applicant pool quantity, quality and turnover, (b) moderators of these effects and (c) outcome sustainability trends over multiple competition cycles. This investigation tests competing theories and is relevant to HR professionals facing financial decisions about entering or remaining in these competitions from year to year.
Effective start/end date3/22/115/31/13


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