Better Intelligence Gathering for Public Safety and Public Health (BigPUSH)

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Florida faces a pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical opioid epidemic that requires a strong multidisciplinary approach with effective collaboration and intelligence sharing between public safety and public health. The Better Intelligence Gathering for Public Safety and Public Health (BigPUSH) study is being conducted to 1) expand the Florida drug-Related Outcomes and Surveillance Tracking System (FROST) and its technology to a) enhance public safety and public health collaboration and strategic decision-making in Florida and b) increase uptake of county-level prescribing indicators generated by PBSS for Florida and California, 2) evaluate synthetic opioid-related deaths by establishing a fatality review team in the Sarasota Medical Examiner Office region, and 3) evaluate the impact of national prescribing guidelines on high-risk prescribing associated with negative public health and safety outcomes in two large states, Florida and California. Dr. Delcher will perform the necessary activities to meet grant objectives and complete the required progress reports.
Effective start/end date1/1/199/30/20


  • University of Florida: $91,977.00


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