Big Blue Satellite: A High-Altitude Inflatable Wing Experiment

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Overview This Statement of Work defines tasks and deliverables to be performed by and supplied by ILC Dover for the University of Kentucky. ILC Dover shall be responsible for supplying inflatable, rigidizable wings for the flight experiment project known as "BIG BLUE", in addition to performing support tasks as a member of the project team. Tasks 1. Kickoff Meeting - Host a project kickoff meeting, including plant tour, at the ILC Dover facility. 2. System Design/Design Team Support - Support the project team with a variety of tasks to include: . Supply background information on inflatable wings and rigidization technologies. . Supply material properties for ANSYS wing stress analysis. . Review potential airfoil choices & select optimal candidate. . Develop a cross-sectionaldefinitionof the wing structure in CAD& supply to the University of Kentucky for fabrication of a stereo lithography model. . Supply on loan, to the University of Kentucky, an inflatable semi-span wing mounted to a back plate for purposes of learning, demonstration, and inflation system development. . Evaluate BIG BLUE weight budget. . Develop an inflation pressure requirement. . Develop a packing volume requirement. . Develop a cure time & temperature requirement. 3. Design Review - Host a project design review meeting at the ILC Dover facility. 4. Wing Fabrication - Fabricate three inflatable, rigidizable wings according to a mutually developed design. Deliverables: 1. One (1) full span, inflatable, rigidizable wing for attachment to a University of Kentucky supplied airframe, intended as a test article to be cured at ground level. 2. Two (2) full span, inflatable, rigidizable wings for attachment to University of Kentucky supplied airframes, intended for use as flight test articles.
Effective start/end date10/1/021/31/04


  • Western Kentucky University: $80,002.00


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