Biological Effects of Epoxy Fatty Acids

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Objectives: The objectives for the overall joint research are: 1. Isolate epoxy fatty acids from suitable natural sources that are models for oilseed improvement such as Vernonia seeds. 2. Produce other epoxy fatty adds using in vitro enzymes, microorganisms and engineered plant tissues. 3. Test the effects ofthese epoxy fatty acids on stored insect pests and model bacteria. 4. Test some of these epoxy compounds as a new natural pest control approach for vegetable insect pests. Hildebrand's lab at Univ. Kentucky will be primarily responsible for carrying out the research for objectives I and 2 and the later part of objective 3 as well as some epoxy fatty acid biosynthesis studies. Sedlacek's lab at Kentucky State Univ.willlead the work on stored insects in objective 3 as well as objective 4.
Effective start/end date10/1/029/30/04


  • Consortium for Plant Biotechnology Research Inc: $40,000.00


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