Biology of Neuropathogenic Strains of Equine Herpesvirus-l

  • Allen, George (PI)

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Abstract Research Plan In Scientific Terms: During the currently active research project funded by the Grayson-Jockey Club Research Foundation (Genetic Determinants of EHV-l CNS Disease; 4/04 to 4/06), the applicant and his co-investigator (Dr. Nicholas Davis-Poynter; Animal Health Trust, UK) have identified a unique, point mutation (N752 to D752) in the catalytic subunit (ORF30) of the viral DNA polymerase (Pol) ofEHV-l isolates recovered from 50 outbreaks of EHV -1 neurological disease occurring in horses on 4 separate continents over a time period of 40 years. Comparison of the frequency of the "N752 to D752 mutation" in paralytic EHV-l isolates with that found in EHV -1 isolates recovered from 90 outbreaks of herpesvirus abortion from the same locales and time period, without accompanying CNS involvement, has confirmed the high statistical association of the identified genetic mutation with the capacity for causing neurological disease (P
Effective start/end date4/1/063/31/08


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