Biomarkers to Stratify Pain Severity and Type in Pancreatic Disease

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PA-20-185: NIH Research Project Grant (Parent R01 Clinical Trial Not Allowed) Title: Biomarkers to stratify pain severity and type in pancreatic disease Scope of Work for Subaward to Dr. Conwell, Univ of Kentucky Current period end date: 7/1/23-6/30/28 (5 years) Dr. Darwin Conwell will serve as Co-Investigator on this grant application. He will attend the monthly calls, clinically interpret the proteins and pathways identified to be dysregulated depending on pain severity and pain type. Assist in defining and prioritizing the relevant clinical confounders. Interpret the findings in the context of the different pain therapies.
Effective start/end date8/15/235/31/27


  • Boston Childrens Hospital: $48,835.00


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