Biosignatures of Periodontitis: Effects of Diabetes and Methotrexate Anti-Inflammatory Therapy

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Periodontitis is a destructive chronic inflammatory condition that affects an estimated 80% of U.S. adults based on recent reports from the strategic plan of the NIDCR. Decades of research have provided evidence demonstrating a negative interaction between T2DM and periodontitis on the health of affected patients. Our understanding of this interaction, however, has been limited because previous studies used small population sizes with extensive age ranges, substantial variation existed in the clinical parameters of periodontitis that were homogenized into a single disease classification, and studies rarely accounted for confounding factors that could influence the extent of disease expression. As importantly, there remains a lack of evidence regarding the interactions of genetics, the oral microbiome, and host response parameters in dictating the clinical presentation/outcomes of T2DM patients. Modernized approaches for personalizing care of these patients will likely require use of multiplexed clinical and biological metrics that provide deeper insight into the relative contribution of genetics, behavioral practices, etiological agents, and host responses with respect to periodontal disease assessment and management. This proposal targets the identification of biosignatures associated with clinical characteristics and treatment outcomes, and is predicted to shift the current paradigm and clinical focus from the sole use of visual assessments to the use of combined biological and genetic markers that facilitate the development of new periodontal disease management approaches in T2DM. This application seeks to refine the current diagnostic paradigm for periodontal disease in T2DM by proposing that the multiplex information contained within a “data-driven biosignature” will offer a significant improvement in personalized patient management. Specific Aim: Determine multiplexed biosignatures in oral samples from T2DM patients relative to periodontal disease and anti-inflammatory/anti-infective therapy. A novel bioinformatics approach will be used to delineate disease risk based on changes in clinical features, salivary host analytes, the oral microbiome, and targeted genetic analysis. The scientific premise of this proposal is based on literature that provides rather minimal guidance regarding available clinical and translational data that document the potential that enhanced specific biosignatures in periodontitis. Our approach will lead to more precise clinical guidelines for assessing, monitoring and treating periodontitis in T2DM patients.
Effective start/end date8/1/177/31/19


  • Delta Dental Plan of Michigan Incorporated: $164,558.00


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