Bluegrass Community Health Center

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Subcontractor agrees to provide Bluegrass Community Health Center with .5 FTEs of pharmacy related services per RFP 32-13 a. Provide orversight on in-house medications. b. Provide oversight of prescription assistance program medications. c. Provide direction to the health center''s participation in the 340B program. d. Support providers/teams in the care of PCMH designated target conditions including hypertension, depression and diabetes. e. Assist with the refugee screening process including the management of inhouse medications for the presumptive treatment of parasites and malaria. f. Assist in the development of protocols for the medication management of chronic conditions. g. Participate in the training of students from varied health related fields. h. Alert providers/teams regarding drug recalls. i. Occasionally track prescription patterns of providers. j. Occasionally track patients with polypharmacy. k. Participate in regular provider meetings. I. Provide expert support to providers/teams working with patients using herbal remedies and supplements. m. Provide education for patients with complex health issues. n. Offer pharmacy related educational sessions to providers/teams o. Pharmacists will document time worked at BCHC. p. Provide medication therapy management and collaborative drug therapy management that optimizes patient care outcomes and quality of life. q. Systematically monitor drug therapy in ambulatory patients for therapeutic efficacy and possible adverse drug events. r. Provide medication reviews, pharmacotherapy consultation services, and medication education. s. Provide patient education (counseling) for drug therapies, including medication assisted treatment. t. Serve and provide consultation on clinic committees (e.g., the 340B Committee, Quality Committee, and Substance Use Disorder Committee).
Effective start/end date4/1/213/31/22


  • Bluegrass Community Health Center: $117,117.00


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