Borlaug 2015 Mexico (Cuchillo) GRA @UKY

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(REI#/Country/Fellow#) REI # BFP�]2015�]Climate Change & GRA, Mexico, Fellow 9, proposed the following research effort during the fellowship. His goal is to get a better understanding about the processes and methodologies on how to measure GHG from livestock (enteric methane and manure). This opportunity would also allow me to increase my ability to perform in my institution. He is interested in collaborating in the studies of greenhouse gases from livestock. He intends to visit research facilities, laboratories, and commercial farms to observe animal production systems with a focus on ruminant animals. This should include milk and meat production farms or dual purpose farms. The visits will be used to get a general idea of the animal production systems and to see the differences from the Mexican means of production. The Fellow is interested in areas that have similar research objectives as Dr. Joseph L Taraba (Department of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering) who has focused on Dairy manure management systems and GHG emissions from housing facilities and Dr. Michael Sama (Department of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering) who has a research focus in developing sensor systems to measure gas concentrations and the data management and processing. Our most recent efforts have been in GHG generation from compost bedded barns and field applied dairy wastes. Our research objective is to develop a chamber measurement system utilizing an array of individual IR/electrochemical gas sensors that is less costly with lower labor needs so that more extensive data sets for GHG emissions can be developed. The estimated emission rates will be compared to estimated emission rates that are generated from data utilizing INOVA and GC analysis instruments to analyze gas concentrations in the same chambers. We will work closely with the Fellow as he studies the theory of GHG from enteric fermentation and manure management and the comparisons of the various measurement strategies.
Effective start/end date2/8/1612/29/17


  • Foreign Agricultural Service: $29,028.00


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