Bringing Japanese Culture to the Heart of the Bluegrass: A Kyogen Workshop, Lecture and Performance

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The Japan Studies program has the opportunity to host two different, but complementary, programs in the Fall semester of 2017. One workshop focuses on Kyogen and the other on the shakuhachi and ichigenkin. They are being organized by the Japan Studies program on the University of Kentucky campus. We can thereby include students from a number of departments and colleges across campus. We will also coordinate with other universities in the region, Particularly Eastern Kentucky University, Berea College, and Centre College, with whom we have a history of collaboration on such projects. We will also coordinate with the local community through organizations such as the Japan America Society of Kentucky. It is an exciting opportunity to bring such high-quality opportunities to this part of the country where interest in Japan is high but the opportunity to participate in such activities is low.
Effective start/end date9/1/179/30/17


  • Japan Foundation: $1,650.00


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