Building a Peer Champion Model to Promote Equitable Access and Engagement with Perinatal and Reproductive Healthcare for People Who Use Drugs

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Abstract Voice of Hope – Lexington, Inc. is seeking funding to 1) implement and evaluate a program to build recovery capital by reducing barriers to early engagement with quality inclusive perinatal and reproductive healthcare for people who use drugs; 2) conduct trainings for workforce development for peer support specialists and other professionals on the intersection between harm reduction, recovery, and perinatal and reproductive health. This innovative initiative focuses on training peer recovery coaches to provide low barrier harm reduction pregnancy and reproductive health resources, creates a champion model whereby a specialized trained peer works with people who use drugs to link them to healthcare with the goal of more equitable maternal/child and reproductive health outcomes. Voices of Hope will partner with Dr. Hartley Feld from the UK College of Nursing, whose pilot work has informed the development of this initiative, to create, implement and evaluate a training for peer recovery coaches and establish a champion model. Dr. Feld has expertise in perinatal and reproductive health as a clinical nurse specialist and she will be a valuable asset in the engagement of community and healthcare partners. Additionally, she will be leading the dissemination efforts, presenting webinars, at public health conferences, and publishing our work about the new model.
Effective start/end date8/1/234/30/24


  • Voices of Hope: $22,540.00


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