Building and Sustaining Strategies for Thriving Families Supported by a Thriving Workforce: An Interactive Toolbox and Associated Array of Technical Support Opportunities

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ABSTRACT Wisconsin Department of Children and Families (DCF) seeks to develop strategies and activities to support safety and in-home planning, with the goal of keeping children with their families. Within this purpose, DCF wants to develop psychologically safe, realistic, team and management-oriented, familycentered strategies and tools for safe and authentic family engagement, including safety planning. Consistent with safety, implementation and improvement sciences, and recognizing the unique needs of every local child and family services agency, DCF seeks a collaborative partner to build a curation of strategies and tools into a multimedia, interactive Safety Supports ToolBox. Additionally, DCF seeks experts to support voluntary and ongoing community across local agencies, as they dedicate themselves to safely meeting the needs of families and preserving their union.
Effective start/end date7/1/236/30/25


  • Wisconsin Department of Children and Families: $443,372.00


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