Building Applied Cultural Resource Management Skills

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Daniel Boone National Forest (DBNF) will partner with the Kentucky Office of State Archaeology (OSA) to rectify their archaeological GIS database and digitize the archaeological site forms and survey reports from DBNF. DBNF will provide OSA with a copy of their archaeological site and survey GIS data. OSA will check the locations in the GIS against their data and the original paper records. OSA will work with DBNF staff to correct discrepancies in the two data sets. If archaeological resources are found to be missing in either data set, OSA will enter and digitize the missing data. The original paper records (archaeological site forms and survey reports) on file at OSA will be digitized as well. DBNF will provide OSA with copies of any paper records missing from their library – the record will be digitized by OSA and returned to DBNF. Digital versions of all archaeological site and survey records and the rectified GIS database will be given to DBNF at the completion of this project – OSA will retain a copy of all digital files it creates for DBNF.
Effective start/end date7/9/186/30/23


  • Forest Service: $10,052.00


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