Building Capacity and Enhancing Ground Control Safety through Improvement and Extension of the LaModel Program

Grants and Contracts Details


The PI (Dr. Zacharias Agioutantis) is the software developer and maintainer of the ARMPS computer code. Since it is desired to incorporate the laminated overburden model directly into the present ARMPS code, Dr. Agioutantis's assistance is required to successfully merge the two software programs. A similar type of integration in cooperation between Dr. Agioutantis and the PI was previously done to incorporate Lam2D in the Analysis of Multiple-Seam Systems (AMSS). Therefore, this sub-contract is being let to obtain the assistance of Dr. Agioutantis in the integration of ARMPS and the laminated overburden model.
Effective start/end date7/11/169/7/16


  • West Virginia University: $16,000.00


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