Building Capacity for Smoke-Free Environments in Florence (Boone County) and Grant County

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The purpose of this project is to continue to build capacity for tobacco-free environments in Florence, KY (Boone County) and Grant County, KY. The primary goal is to support the existing coalitions, LiveWell Florence, Fitness for Life Around Grant County (FFLAG), and Champions for a Drug Free Grant County, and develop a broad-based health coalition to build capacity for a smoke-free workplace campaign in Florence and other communities in Grant County. The objectives are to: engage hard-to-reach populations, train and advise the coalitions to use evidence-based advocacy strategies (e.g., social media plans, community events like days of action) and build demand for smoke-free environments. The long-term goal is policy change by local elected officials that will protect 100% of the Florence and Grant County populations from secondhand smoke in all public places and workplaces. This project is designed to create a strong coalition infrastructure and media advocacy to grow and sustain two selected smoke-free workplace campaigns this year and in the future. Kentucky Center for Smoke-free Policy faculty and staff will provide tailored, evidence-based technical assistance and train the coalitions in smoke-free policy advocacy strategies based on their level of readiness. KCSP will continue to review coalition products to provide best practice feedback and attend monthly coalition meetings. Key Words: tobacco, public policy, community outreach
Effective start/end date7/1/246/30/25


  • Northern Kentucky Independent District Health Department: $15,000.00


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