Building Capacity for Watershed Leadership and Management in Twelve Mississippi River Basin States

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    Watershed practitioners, farmers, and farm advisors each bring critical pieces of knowledge and expertise to the complex business of watershed management. A Great Lakes to Gulf Leadership Summit will invite these groups together to: 1) communicate the latest research on conservation practices and effective monitoring; 2) outline practical approaches for increasing/right-sizing farmer and farm advisor engagement in watershed management; 3) select 1-3 strategies for increasing the adoption of conservation practices and determining the scale of application at the sub-watershed, state, MARB, or national scale; 4) review and refine training and engagement programs to ensure that trainings are targeted toward achieving sub-watershed, state, and Mississippi and Atchafalaya River Basins (MARB) nutrient management goals; and 5) strengthen learning networks among watershed practitioners and leaders from the agricultural sector across the MARB to ensure that learning continues beyond the first summit. While the Summit will be open to anyone interested in attending, we will select three leaders from each of the 12 Hypoxia Task Force/SERA-46 member states and provide support for them to attend. The summit will be a mix of presentations, facilitated and informal opportunities for peer learning and network development. The Summit will include a site visit to a watershed where farmers and farm advisors are playing leadership roles with watershed practitioners in leadership roles so that Summit participants can see first-hand the benefit of their involvement. In Year 4, we anticipate holding either one or two additional summits that will build upon the experience and feedback of the Year 2 summit. The University of Kentucky project manager will assist in the planning of the Summit in Year 2 and will coordinate the summit(s) in Year 4. Planning duties of the Year 2 Summit will include facility inspection, agenda development, speaker recruitment, participant recruitment, and meeting facilitation. Coordination duties for Year 4 include facility inspection and contracting, agenda development, speaker recruitment, participant recruitment, transportation coordination and meeting facilitation.
    Effective start/end date10/1/169/30/22


    • University of Wisconsin: $37,520.00


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