Building Cooperative Extension's 21st Century Network

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The Content Team along with the eXtension Associate Director of Content will provide leadership and guidance in the development of "Blockbuster" communities that will actively engage in Partnerships generation for content and sustainability. Specifically, the Content Team and eXtension Associate Director will: 1. Further develop resources, infrastructure, and applications to support Communities of Practice (CoPs) describing guidelines for preparing content, the roles and responsibilities of CoPs, understanding and addressing audience needs, abd evaluation. 2. Productivity improvement. 3. Partnership generation. 4. Content Development. 5. Performance measurement. 6. Work with CoPs. and 7. Work with the national eXtension Content Management Board to help further develop and imrprove the work and processes associated with building and supporting CoP.
Effective start/end date9/1/116/30/16


  • University of Nebraska: $1,660,720.00


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