Building Improvements to the William S. Webb Museum of Anthropology Collections Center

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The William S. Webb Museum of Anthropology is an integral component of the Department of Anthropology dedicated to enhancing knowledge about and preservation of Kentucky’s cultural heritage. The museum provides educational services, practical training, and creative research opportunities for university students and citizens of the Commonwealth focusing on the extensive archaeological collections and research archives. The Museum strives for excellence in archaeological fieldwork, analysis of archaeological materials, and interpretive services to prepare students for fulfilling careers in education, heritage management, and research, and to provide opportunities for Kentucky citizens to engage in museum and lab work as citizen scientists. As part of a public, land-grant institution, the Museum also works closely with federal, state, and private organizations to provide services and educational materials that further the goals of heritage preservation. The Museum undertakes cooperative projects to manage archaeological and ethnographical collections, conduct research on archaeological sites and historical structures, record oral histories, design exhibits, and facilitate experiential education and service learning. Students and volunteers work closely with faculty and staff to develop multiple skills in both the practical and theoretical aspects of anthropology and cultural heritage preservation. To that end, the Museum is in a multi-phase renovation of its collections and research center. Phase II is a comprehensive renovation and upgrade to the collections area, which currently fails to meet many basic infrastructure requirements for long-term preservation and management of archaeological and ethnographical collections. Proposed upgrades include renovating the existing 10,250 sq. ft. curation area to meet International Energy Conservation Code requirements; provide insulation on exterior walls and between the roof framing; and provide a new HVAC system meeting temperature and humidity requirements for anthropological materials. The collections of the William S. Webb Museum of Anthropology comprise one of the principal, systematic archaeological collections in the Southeast and Midwest regions of the United States. Among the museum’s extensive holdings are collections from more than 247 properties on the National Register of Historic Places including several archaeological and historic districts, multiple property listings, and national historic landmark sites. The proposed renovations will ensure the preservation of these significant collections for future scholarly research and the mutual benefit of all citizens interested in cultural heritage.
Effective start/end date10/1/209/30/23


  • Institute of Museum and Library Services: $445,327.00


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