BUSt! Boredom Project

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The purpose of the project is to reprogram Lexington's Transit Center waiting area with creative installations to encouraging silliness and active fun for children and caregivers waiting for a ride. The engagement is based upon the following representations: A. Scope and Geographic Area The installations will be designed and fabricated by students and installed in the Transit Center bus station waiting area at 150 East Vine Street, Lexington KY. B. Desired Outcomes The installations should promote the following outcomes, defined as the six guiding principles in the Play Everywhere grant guidebook: --Convenient -- Make it easy for kids and families to ¡§play along the way.¡¨ --Inviting -- Permission to play is obvious and intuitive, giving kids and families the sense of comfort they need to play freely. --Wondrous -- Create a space that feels new every time, enables exploration and discovery, and allows kids to use their imagination. --Challenging -- Incorporate a variety of activities for kids to stretch their minds and bodies. --Shared -- Turn play installations into social spaces, where kids, families, caregivers, and the broader community can comfortably come enjoy play together. --Identifying -- Bring communities together through play by designing spaces that reflect the whole community and draw visitors from all walks of life. UK CoD agrees to work with the two other design teams on the BUSt! Boredom project -- Informal Office and Nomi Design -- to create coordinated and compatible designs when possible.
Effective start/end date8/24/163/31/17


  • Lexington Downtown Development Authority: $18,000.00


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