Campus Rain Garden Initiative: A Pilot Project for Student Stormwater Education

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Under the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4) permit, the University of Kentucky (UK) is required to implement stormwater control measures to improve the quality and reduce the quantity of stormwater discharges to the stormwater system. The Environmental Management (EM) Department is responsible for monitoring the effectiveness of these measures and developing education and outreach materials to maintain compliance with the permit. The proposed project is to construct a rain garden at the Gluck Detention Pond North, or another suitable location on campus, as a demonstration site to launch a campus-wide "adopt-a-rain garden" initiative. This project will address a UK administrative requirement to reduce the quantity of and improve the quality of stormwater leaving campus as well as goals of the Incentive Program including public education and involvement. Overarching Goals: To design and install a rain garden that will demonstrate sustainable stormwater management; to encourage student engagement in stormwater education through service-learning activities and via ownership and maintenance; and to present the rain garden as an outdoor learning laboratory in teaching, research, and outreach.
Effective start/end date12/10/1312/10/13


  • Lexington Fayette Urban County Government


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