Cancer Incidence Study of Marines/Navy Personnel and Civilian Employees Exposed to Contaminated Drinking Water at USMC Base Camp Lejeune (CIS)

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1) Work with Battelle and ATSDR to complete necessary documentation to permit data transfer. 2) Coordinate with Battelle to transfer the cohort data from the CDC server to the registry. Link the cohort and registry data behind registry firewalls. „h Identify matched cases with CIS cohort (n=536,601) including data linkage and manual review of uncertain matches. „h Study proposes use of Match*Pro. If the registry is unable to use Match*Pro (i.e., local IT restrictions) another method for linkage and manual review may be approved. „h At registry request, NAACCR can provide support including individual training and/or fully perform the linkage and/or manual review. NAACCR can perform the work onsite as appropriate. IMS will provide Match*Pro support as needed. 3) Produce a data file of matched cases that contains the STUDY ID provided with the cohort data and the registry items in Table 1. „h File will include data on all primary invasive cancers and in situ bladder cancers from registry inception through December 31, 2017. „h Data will be provided in CSV format. „h Match*Pro will provide an option to export the data file for transfer. 4) Transfer data file of matched cases to CDC secure server. Page 2 of 2 „h Use SAMS file transfer (or other approved method) to transfer the data to the CDC server. III. Period of performance for data linkage and file transfer: 06/01/2020-10/15/2020 Table 1. Registry Items for Delivery, Matched Cases * NAACCR Description NAACCR Item # Primary Site 400 Histologic Type ICD-O-3 522 Laterality 410 Behavior Code ICD-O-3 523 Grade 440 Diagnostic Confirmation 490 SEER Summary Stage 1977 760 SEER Summary Stage 2000 759 Derived SEER Summary Stage 1977 3010 Derived SEER Summary Stage 2000 3020 Sequence Number--Central 380 Address at DX--State 80 Age at Diagnosis 230 Date of Diagnosis 390 Type of Reporting Source 500 * These items will be delivered along with the STUDY ID provided with the cohort data.
Effective start/end date6/24/2010/15/20


  • Battelle Memorial Institute: $6,900.00


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