Cancer Information Services

  • Wyatt, Stephen (PI)

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The Cancer Information Services is a large and complex project and as such meets the criteria for special purpose and circumstance under University of Kentucky Direct Costing Guidelines for Sponsored Projects. Cost items such as Staff Support, postage, telephone line and office supplies which are normally charged as indirect costs are being requested as direct costs for this proposed contract. The level of support required by this project for these types of costs will exceed the resources normally provided by the University Departments and , Centers. Personnel Key Staff *Principallnvestigator, Stephen Wyatt, DMD, MPH Dr. Wyatt, Assistant Director for Cancer Control at the Markey Cancer Center, was formerly Director of the Division of Cancer Prevention and Control at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. He is a member of the National Dialogue on Cancer, as well as the Board of Directors of both the Susan B Komen Foundation and the Mid-South Division of the American Cancer Society. *Project Director Doug Wagner, MSW Mr. Wagner has been the Project Director for the Mid-South CIS since 1993. He has overseen the design and implementation of the expansion of the CIS to cover Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. Mr. Wagner served as the first Project Director elected to the CIS Leadership Council. Partnership Program Manager, Tami Kelder, MS Ms. Kelder has been with the CIS since December 2000 as the Partnership Program Manager. She has experience managing a large number of off-site staff and is a current member of the Policy Task Force. Ms. Kelder has over 14 years of health care experience involving continuous quality improvement principles, management of large departments within managed care, systems design, education, and evaluation. Communications Coordinator/Media Liaison, Suzanne Froelich. Ms Froelich joined the Mid-South CIS in 1996 after a career in journalism and public relations. She is skilled in website design in addition to possessing a full range of communications skills. She edits the Cancer Quarterly newsletter and assists in design of national publicity and promotion documents. Mid-South Partnership Staff University of Arkansas in Little Rock, AR-Misty Smith Ms Smith has been a Partnership Program Coordinator (PPC) for 8 years. She has established important partnerships throughout Arkansas, is a consultant on grants, and supervises the PPCs in Mississippi and Louisiana.
Effective start/end date1/15/051/14/10


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