Cane Run and Royal Spring Watershed Based Plan Implementation Project

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Project Goal # I: The goal of this project is to implement a KDOW accepted watershed-based hplan and to revise the plan as necessary for the Cane Run Watershed. Activities may be modified depending on the findings and recommendations of the WBP, or due to requests made by the KDOW or the Cane Run watershed steering committee. The funds provided from this request will not be used for MS4 or CSO compliance. Objective I: Improve water quality by implementing management strategies as directed by the Water Board Program. Activities: A. Review/Revise an estimate of the teclmical and financial resources and authorities needed to implement the plan B. Review/Revise a schedule for implementing management strategies to remove pollutants from drinking water. C. Review/Revise interim milestones to determine whether management measures are being implemented. D. Determine the analytical methods that will be used to measure progress toward reducing pollutant loads and meeting watershed goals E. ReviewlRevise a monitoring component to evaluate the effectiveness of implementation efforts F. Collect water quality data to determine if management measures are reducing pollution. G. Implement management strategies identified in the watershed based plan. H. Update and revise the WBP as necessary. Objective 2: Continue an information/education (lIE) component to support public participation and build management capacity related to adopted management measures. Activities: I. Define liE goals and objectives. 1. Identify and analyze the target audiences. K. Create the messages for each audience. L. Package the message to various audiences. M. Distribute the messages. N. Evaluate the liE programs. Project Goal #2. Measure implementation progress and make adjustments to the WBP or refine BMPs Objective: Develop an evaluation framework Activities: O. Review and evaluate water quality information. P. Share results with public and KDOW Q. Prepare work plans R. Report back to stakeholders and others S. Make adjustments to programs.
Effective start/end date6/1/0912/31/13


  • KY Energy and Environment Cabinet: $454,343.00


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