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Overview: This IT Capital Funded Service Contract allows for part time student positions that will coordinate and provide technical support for the Historic Preservation IT Capital Digitization Project at the Kentucky Heritage Council. The Kentucky Heritage Council has a longstanding relationship with the University of Kentucky, Historic Preservation Program and the University of Kentucky Research Foundation (UKRF – 501c3) with providing Historic Preservation (HP) Program student workers. The positions covered in this contract are critical for keeping our agency’s digitization project on track and will provide student workers hands on experience in Historic Digital Archiving. This digitization project is the Kentucky Heritage Council’s highest priority. HP Student Worker position duties: • Coordinate and provide technical support for the implementation and management of the historic preservation digitization project. • Monitor the agency''s library and its various databases including Survey, National Register, Historic Tax Credit, Easement and Section 106 files to ensure accuracy and proper organization. • Coordinate with management on quality control. • Collaborate with the agency''s Heritage Database Coordinator to monitor and process historic preservation data requests and other GIS related needs. • Work with and be responsive to third party vendors that will digitize the agency''s paper databases and develop other electronic platforms for an ongoing data processing program. • Evaluate and conduct ongoing scanning of various cultural resource management related documents, photographs and other materials that are not included in the third party digitization contracts. • Assist consultants and others doing research, and assist the Executive Director in reviewing and processing survey data. • Performs other IT Capital Project duties as assigned.
Effective start/end date9/14/201/2/21


  • KY Heritage Council: $44,434.00


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