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Summary of proposed energy development project (500 words maximum) The proposed technology involves the implementation of a novel, cost effective heat integration process for post combustion CO2 capture from a coal fired power plant. Through a partnership with a local utility company, LG&E-KU, we will implement this CO2 capture process at Brown Station in Kentucky to demonstrate successful CO2 capture in the state. In addition, corrosion effects and secondary emissions will be tracked through this project. Corrosion coupons will be placed into the system at various critical points to investigate and determine the corrosion rate of materials in a CO2 capture system. Liquid and gas sampling will also take place at critical points in the process to determine degradation of the capture solution and secondary emissions to the atmosphere. The application of a heat integrated post-combustion CO2 capture system will also involve a partnership with Hitachi to investigate one of industries advanced solvents into an existing coal-fired power plant. The objective of this project is to demonstrate a novel heat-integration scheme utilizing waste heat from the CO2 capture system (CCS) to improve the plant and CCS system efficiency, which will meet the DOE¡¦s performance and cost targets of 90% CO2 capture, 95% CO2 purity and an increase in the cost of electricity of no more than 35%. Current milestones (both met and ongoing) for this project are: o The FEED analysis of CAER heat integrated CCS process - 2013 o The Slipstream demonstration will collect the necessary information/data on mass and energy balance, solvent degradation (rate and products), and corrosion to provide a full techno-economic and environmental health and safety analysis at a 550-MWe commercial-scale level - June 2016 $2,000,000 funding requested for this project from DEDI will be used to cost share DOE project 3048109307 for two years to enable this slipstream CO2 capture operation. Along with funds currently appropriated in 3048109400, this amount will complete the DEDI cost share commitment to the DOE project.
Effective start/end date1/15/162/29/16


  • KY Energy and Environment Cabinet


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