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1200-540-5201-DDAS-E432-5840400Z-7140 Implementation of a federal project CARE (Curriculum Access through Reading Electronically) being implemented by University of KY in collaboration with Univ. of Louisville. The University of Kentucky will design and implement interactive web-based survey instrument for teacher submission of data regarding classroom and student use of textreader software. They will examine teacher training needs, obstacles to use of the technology, factors impacting student usage, type of technical assistance and technology supports needed, content areas used in, sources for web based digital content. Online system will also include program for data analysis and disagreggation. Costs include support of project director, related office costs and in-state .travel. Carry over funds in the amount of $40,734.94 (from M-03346541) will be paid with receipt of invoice from vendor. Non carry over funds in the amount of $68,181.06 will not be available for billing until after October 1, 2004. Ky. Dept. of Education will pay one-fourth upon availabililty of these funds and with receipt of invoice from vendor. Vendor will thereafter invoice on a quarterly cost reimbursement basis including a summalY of expenditures consistent with the budget submitted to KDE. Final invoice must be received within 60 days of expiration of Master Agreement.
Effective start/end date7/1/0412/31/05


  • KY Department of Education: $108,916.00


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