CAREER: Engineering Meta-Magnetic Shape Memory Alloys as the Future Generation of High Performance Magnetic Actuators

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Meta-magnetic shape memory alloys (SMAs) are a new class of smart matenals compnslllg a new generation of energy harvesters, magnetic actuators, sensors, magnetocaloric materi~ls, heat ~xc~angers, dampers etc. Their actuation mechanism is based on field-induced phase transformatIon resultlllg III a one order of magnitude higher actuation strain than magnetostrictive materials and actuation stress than NiMnGa-based magnetic shape memory alloys (MSMAs), comparable to those of conventional shape memory alloys, and projected response frequencies in the kilohertz (kHz) regime. ~enerati?~ of meta-magnetic SMA based magnetic actuators can be utilized for broad apphcatIons III medlcme, transportation, environmental protection, and defense and security. The main goals of the proposed integrated research, education and outreach program on meta-magnetic SMAs are to: 1) Establish a strong research program focused on gaining a deeper understanding on microstructure and meta-magnetic shape memory property relationships 2) Develop and validate a theoretical model to predict transformation strain and hysteresis including the effects of stress, temperature and magnetic field; 3) Test the hypothesis that critical magnetic fields for reversible actuation can be decreased by decreasing the transformation hysteresis through alloy design and microstructure engineering; 4) Transfer and use research components in teaching; 5) Implement an educational plan which involves undergraduates in multidisciplinary r~search, develops a new course on smart materials for graduate students, exposes middle and secondary education students to engineering projects and promotes participation of under-represented students.
Effective start/end date6/1/105/31/16


  • National Science Foundation: $418,000.00


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