CAREER: Integrated Approach To Superplastic Forming of Advanced Materials: Mechanics-Materials-Manufacturing Linkage

  • Khraisheh, Marwan (PI)

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RET Supplement Summary of Proposed Work This is an RET supplement for an existing CAREER Award (Integrated Approach to Superplastic Forming of Advanced Materials, PI: Marwan Khraisheh, University of Kentucky). It is proposed that Jennifer Pusateri, the Education Director at the Explorium, would spend 20 hours a week for 10 weeks at the University of Kentucky working with faculty, graduate and undergraduate students on designing and building fun and exciting displays for the Explorium of Lexington (Formerly known as Lexington Children's Museum) that will excite and motivate young children about science and engineering. The main goal is to help Jennifer with the necessary technical and engineering aspects of the project. It is expected that these displays will go to area elementary and middle schools to be used in informal or semi-structured learning environments. The description of Jennifer Pusateri's involvement is described in the Justification of Supplement section and her resume is included in the supplementary documents.
Effective start/end date6/2/0512/31/08


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