CAREER: Integrated Approach To Superplastic Forming of Advanced Materials: Mechanics-Materials-Manufacturing Linkage

  • Khraisheh, Marwan (PI)

Grants and Contracts Details


The PI is planning to spend approximately a total of 6 weeks at each institute. In addition, two graduate students who are currently working on the Superplastic Forming project at the University of Kentucky and one undergraduate student will participate in this activity. The PI and the students will consult with the Office of International Affairs at the University of Kentucky to go through proper orientation. A supplement to the existing CAREER award (Integrated Approach to Superplastic Forming of Advanced Materials, PI: Marwan Khraisheh, University of Kentucky) for international collaborative project is requested in response to the lREE Dear Colleague Letter. The collaboration will be between the University of Kentucky and two foreign institutions: Ecole des Mines d' Albi - Carmaux, France and King's College London, United Kingdom. The collaboration is directly related to the PI's CAREER award and will focus on advancing the industrial utilization of Superplastic Forming Process, the overall goal ofthe CAREER award. The collaboration with Ecole des Mines d' Albi - Carmaux will be with the Director of Tools, Materials and Processes Research Center, Professor Gerard Bernhart. The collaboration will focus on Superplastic forming of lightweight alloys and the incorporation of tool-workpiece interface in the FE simulation model. The collaboration with King's College London will be with Professor Richard Curtis, Senior Lecturer at the Dental Biomaterials Sciences Department at the Dental Institute. The collaboration will focus on utilizing the Superplastic forming process to fabricate highly specialized dental and medical implants. Professors Bernhart and Curtis are both enthusiastic about the collaboration and their respective institutes can provide unique expertise and perspectives on the research subject that complements the existing expertise at the University of Kentucky. This IREE request provides a unique opportunity for the researchers at the University of Kentucky to closely interact with researchers at leading international institutes. The collaboration will contribute to advancing the industrial utilization of Superplastic forming technique in traditional applications (aerospace and automotive) and nontraditional applications (medical implants). Increase in SPF use leads to cheaper, lighter, safer and more environmentally friendly products.
Effective start/end date8/31/0612/31/08


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