CCC for NHLBI Prevention and Early Treatment of Acute Lung Injury PETAL Network

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Prevention and Early Treatment of Acute Lung Injury (PETAL) Network Peter Morris, MD, will oversee this project at the University of Kentucky. As part of the PETAL Network, University of Kentucky will recruit, screen and enroll patients in studies within the PETAL Network. The research team will take part in all appropriate trainings for studies and fulfill all requirements of PETAL. During the administration of this grant award at the University of Kentucky, Dr. Morris, will remain active under the guidance of both the Clinical Coordinating Center and Southeast Clinical Center. The University of Kentucky will partake in study conference calls, annual meetings and will contribute to NIH and IRB mandated interval reporting as required by this grant mechanism and University of Kentucky policies.
Effective start/end date12/1/164/30/19


  • Wake Forest University: $39,252.00


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