CCDD - Supported Decision Making FY23

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Building on the success of My Choice Kentucky to-date, we propose to expand the project to focus on groups and individuals who have been slow to embrace supported decision-making (SDM). Transition age youth and those who work with them will specifically be targeted in an attempt to reduce the number of people who enter into guardianships. Another focus for this fiscal year will be on creating sustained use of SDM. As such we will work to create materials for individuals, groups, and organizations/agencies to use as templates for navigating the process. These materials will be created for people with disabilities, families, educators, state agency personnel, and court systems. All materials will include related resources and tools. The project will continue to provide trainings and technical support to other groups and individuals, as requested. These requests continue to increase as word of the project and its successes spread. We expect to conduct six (6) trainings to various groups. These presentations will be completed either as stand-alone events to groups or as part of larger conferences atthe local, state, or national level. We will offer technical assistance to court systems and individuals as people seek rights restoration. If needed, we will also provide education to supportteams of those seeking rights restoration. Additionally, we will be available to provide expert testimony regarding SDM during restoration hearings. We will continue to capture the stories of people in Kentucky who are using SDM. We will attempt to share stories of how people use SDM in various settings such as education, employment, residential, and relationships. These stories will include multifaceted points of view possible and will include people in who have different support needs—natural supports, paid supports, supports during transition, etc. We will record at least (3) of these stories.
Effective start/end date7/1/226/30/23


  • KY Council on Developmental Disabilities: $165,000.00


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