Center for a Sustainable Aluminum Industry

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The Sloan Center will be housed in the Gatton College of Business and Economics at the University of Kentucky. SECAT will be the clearing house (central conduit of) for exchange between UK and the aluminum industry. Paul Jarley, Associate Dean, will be the PI and Academic Director of the Center for the Gatton College. Dr. Subodh as Director of SECAT and President of SECAT will be the Executive Director of the Center and act as the key liaison between the industry and the Sloan Center. The key overarching research thrusts as determined based on Sloan interest and industry needs: § Aluminum Recycling including: o Develop a deeper understanding of factors affecting recycling rates of al aluminum products and suggest programs for increasing recycling rates. o Develop consumer education and marketing programs which will ultimately increase the national aluminum recycling rate. § Human Capital including: o Analyze the needs of the industry as related to required analytical skills for the hourly aluminum worker and his immediate supervisors. o Examine work processes and worker deployment as it affects plant performance. o Collaborate with state and educational institutions to develop skill programs for all workers which will result in their acquiring the needed skills. § Supply Chain Management & Other Issues including: o Gain a clear understanding of the many facets of logistics management—involving water, rail and truck transportation. Also important are reusable packaging and the use of integrated electronic commerce to expedite movement of materials and end products. o Develop a better understanding of the risks and benefits associated with competing materials and assist the industry in devising means and strategies to maintain and enhance aluminum’s long-term market share. o Develop a better understanding of the changing dynamics of the energy supply and mix (i.e., electricity versus natural gas). o Develop a more complete understanding of the supply, availability and vulnerability of key alloying ingredients to aluminum alloys such as magnesium and manganese. We envision a competitive RFP process to select the initial research projects. The selection committee will include representatives from academia and the aluminum industry.
Effective start/end date11/1/048/31/09


  • Alfred P Sloan Foundation: $295,000.00


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