Center for Biobehavioral Research in Self-Management of Cardiopulmonary Disease - Director Meeting Travel

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The purpose of this proposal is to establish a Center for Biobehavioral Research in Self-Management of Cariopulmonary Disease at the Univ of Kentucky College of Nursing to provide the support needed to promote research programs that focus on cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases which are major chronic illnesses requiring life-long self management. The purpose of the Center is to: 1) develop the research infrastructure at the UKCON to promote and support research on processes, interventions, and self-management outcomes; 2) expand the quality and quantity of self-management research projects using biobehavioral methods by centralizing methodological resources; 3) expand the number of nurse investigators doing interdisciplinary self-management research by supporting interdisciplinary exchange and linkages; 4) contribute to the scientific foundation for self-management by promotion and dissemination of systematic investigation of self-management processes, interventions, and outcomes; 5) plan for and develop sustainability of interdisciplinary self-management research programs by building active and growing partnerships inside and outside the University of Kentucky.
Effective start/end date9/29/076/30/10


  • National Institute of Nursing Research


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