Center for Excellence For Watershed Management

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This project provides funds in support of the activities associated with the Kentucky Center of Excellence for Watershed Management. The five year goals of the Institute are to: 1. Be able to identify a minimum of ten watershed stakeholder organizations or local governments that have been supported by the work of the institution: 2. Help develop Watershed-Based Plans that meet EPA's current Guidelines for the Clean Water Act 319 program in at least five watersheds: 3. Have at least one Watershed-Based Plan (that meets EPA's current Guidelines for the Clean Water Act 319 program) substantially implemented such that the actions in the plan are completed or underway: Specific activities associated with this year of funding include: 1. Coordinate of watershed activities with basin stakeholders 2. Development of Center website 3. Hosting of Watershed Summit
Effective start/end date7/15/126/30/13


  • KY Department of Environmental Protection: $41,793.00


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