Center for IDEA Fiscal Reporting (CIFR)

Grants and Contracts Details


University of Kentucky will: a. Provide expertise in regular all-staff meetings convened by the CIFR Leadership, Collaboration, and Coordination Team (LCCT) to provide input and guidance on the design and rollout of CIFR products and activities. b. Provide expertise in regular Team meetings and assigned work for the Knowledge Development, Tool and Template Development, and Technical Assistance and Dissemination Teams. c. In partnership with the Team Lead, complete work for the Knowledge Development Team, including: i. Analyze data and summarize results. ii. Utilization of phone survey data and preliminary analysis of data submissions to group State characteristic practice communities. iii. Inform tool and template development and intensive TA efforts. d. In partnership with the Team Lead, complete work for the Tool and Template Development Functional Team including: i. Identify key data challenges and questions that States experience in collecting and reporting IDEA fiscal data from various sources. ii. Develop general tools and templates to assist users in collecting and reporting IDEA fiscal data. e. In partnership with the TA&D Co-Leads complete work for the Technical Assistance and Dissemination Team, including: i. General TA: Provide expertise in the content of CIFR List Serv posts and responding to SEA lit serve posts. ii. Targeted TA: Facilitate one or more practice communities. Design and provide other targeted TA as needed. iii. Intensive TA: Design and provide intensive TA as needed. f. Provide support to the Evaluation Team as required by WestEd and The Improve Group, Inc. g. Travel will be conducted at the discretion of the LCCT and may include travel as outlined in the budget narrative.
Effective start/end date1/4/1610/31/16


  • WestEd: $35,451.00


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