Center for Pharmaceutical Science and Technology

  • Roberts, Kenneth (PI)

Grants and Contracts Details


An expansion project will be initiated in the spring of 2003 on the Coldstream Research Campus. This will increase both the scope (non-sterile and sterile drug formulation and manufacturing) and the physical facilities of the Center (UK Campus, 5,000 sq. ft.; Coldstream Campus, approx. 20,000 sq. ft.). It is expected that this new facility will be opened in January 2005. The University of Kentucky has modified its original plan (submitted to KEDFA in January 2002) and has increased its financial and physical resource commitment to this project. In addition to investing up toCM in debt service on this project to support construction/equipment costs for a new facility on the Coldstream Campus for sterile cGMP drug formulation development and manufacturing, the University of Kentucky intends to retain and refurbish all existing on-campus CPST facilities for the purpose of developing a non-sterile cGMP program. This decision was made in light of the anticipated need for oral and topical cGMP drug formulation and manufacturing emanating trom Kentucky based companies. This proposal requests funding in the amount of $2M ($lM in FY 03 present request; $lM in FY 04 to be proposed to KEDF A in 2003) to support the operating capital portion of this project to facilitate the migration toward a more aggressive academic-industry partnership within the state. These funds will be used immediately to hire key personnel with significant pharmaceutical business and manufacturing experience. Personnel hired trom these resources will be crucial during the expansion phase of this proposal which should result in a growth grant and contract activity trom $1.3M to $9. 7M per year (see Business Plan, TABLE 4-1 Total Operating Revenues by the year 2007).
Effective start/end date7/1/0512/31/06


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