CESU: Student Training, Archaeological Survey, and Remote Sensing and on the Walhalla Plateau

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In response to the Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit Funding Opportunity Announcement prepared by Grand Canyon National Park and entitled Student Training, Archaeological Survey, and Remote Sensing and on the Walhalla Plateau, the Kentucky Archaeological Survey (KAS), which is housed at the University of Kentucky, proposes to undertake a project to resurvey archaeological and record archaeological sites on the Walhalla Plateau with students interested in careers in federal cultural resource management. This proposed collaborative project between Kentucky Archaeological Survey staff (UK), and cultural resource staff at the Grand Canyon National Park (GRCA) will provide Park resource managers with updated information on archaeological sites recorded before current NPS and Arizona State Museum (ASM) standards were adopted. While, University of Kentucky students/recent graduates will gain hands on experience with the type of work federal cultural resources professionals engage in during their careers. The proposed project will be conducted on the Walhalla Plateau within Grand Canyon National Park. The goals of this project are to identify, revisit, and relocate archaeological sites on the Walhalla Plateau, conduct geophysical surveys of several sites, and provide student training on both GRCA archaeology and NPS management practices. The project will be a pilot venture to assess the potential for a heritage management archaeological field school to be held at Grand Canyon National Park and result in a report documenting the fieldwork and competing new or updated site forms and geospatial data layers meeting current documentation standards.
Effective start/end date9/1/1512/31/16


  • National Park Service: $17,698.00


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