Challenges in Soybean Irrigation # Soil and Crop Irrigation Management (SCIM)

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Irrigation of agricultural crops, especially soybean systems becomes increasingly important to growers to produce high yields of a high-quality crop, and to secure food supply and minimize risk caused by drought conditions during the growing season. The challenges in irrigation management are the precise quantification of local crop and soil water demand and the precise variable-rate application of irrigation water while considering the inherent soil spatial variability within farmer’s fields. A group of experts from Universities from the four states of Kentucky, Georgia, Tennessee and Missouri proposes a joint effort to tackle the above problems in soybean irrigation while using synergistic effects from bundling expertise. Current research efforts and experiences vary among the four groups. In this proposal, the PIs from the four states ask SSRP for supporting a kick-off workshop-meeting that will be used to define a research focus and activity goals for a multi-year study aiming at farmers’ needs in the south-eastern U.S. to improve the application of irrigation water and secure food production, and sustain crop and environmental quality.
Effective start/end date3/1/149/30/14


  • Southern Soybean Research Program: $8,090.00


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