Changes in Fallopian Tube Epithelium Associated with Ovarian Cancer

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Recent data from Harvard University suggests that a significant number of ovarian cancers actually originate in the fallopian tube. Specifically, ~70% women with BRCA1 and BRCA2 genetic abnormalities undergoing risk-reduction hysterectomy were found to have early fallopian tube cancer. The present investigation will look miscroscopically at each fallopian tube in women undergoing surgery for advanced ovarian cancer. In those patients with involvement of the fallopian tube, we will perform molecular genetic analysis on both tubal and ovarian tumors to see if they are identical. If both tubal and ovarian tumors are genetically and histologically identical, then it is likely that the tumor started in the fallopian tube and spread to the ovary. This is important because if a significant percent of ovarian tumors arise in the fallopian tube, we will have to examine both tubes and ovaries in our ovarian cancer screening program.
Effective start/end date1/1/186/30/19


  • Lexington Cancer Foundation Incorporated: $10,000.00


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