Characterization of Host Factors Involved in Plant Virus Replication Using Yeast as a Host

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RNA viruses cause numerous diseases in plants, animals and humans. Virus replication is carried out by viral- and putative host-coded proteins, which may have essential and/or auxiliary functions. Identification and biochemical characterization of the host factors is one of the major frontiers in plant virology. Interaction of the viral replicase proteins and the viral RNA with host factors are likely critical in our understanding of host range, as well as susceptibility and resistance of plants against particular viruses. The proposed studies aim to identify host factors involved in replication of a model plant RNA virus by using proteomics and genetic approaches. Tombusviruses are chosen for these studies because of: (i) their simple genomes; (ii) their robust replication in host plants; and (iii) the availability of an in vitro replicase assay, based on the partially-purified replicase complex obtained in the PI's laboratory. In addition, a recently developed, efficient tomb us virus-based replication system in yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) will allow the PI to use the power of yeast genetics to identify host factors in tombusvirus replication. Aim 1. Identification of host factors present in tombusvirus replicase preparations. Aim 2. Use of yeast genetics to identify host factors involved in tombusvirus replication. Overall, the research described here will lead to identification of host factors involved in tombusvirus replication. This will help future studies on regulation of RNA synthesis by various protein factors and on interactions between viral and host factors. The knowledge gained from this research will be useful in understanding and controlling viral replication and pathogenesis. The knowledge obtained from this work may also be useful for understanding the mechanism(s) of host antiviral defenses and for designing novel antiviral strategies.
Effective start/end date8/1/037/31/05


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