Characterization of Regulatory Network Controlling Alkaloid Biosynthesis

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Biosynthesis of plant alkaloids are controlled by a complex regulatory network at gene transcriptional and post]translational levels. Several transcription factors play key roles in regulation of alkaloid biosynthesis. However, how these factors are modified by post]translational mechanism, leading to fine]tuning of their activities, are poorly understood. The objectives of this proposed work include, 1) transcriptomic analysis of tobacco genes to identify modifying enzymes co]expressed with the target transcription factor genes, 2) characterization of the candidate enzymes, e.g. kinases that catalyze phosphorylation of the transcription factors, and 3) verification of the function of candidate genes in transgenic plants. The outcomes of this study will significantly advance our understanding of gene regulation of alkaloid biosynthesis and provide guidance to plant bioengineering.
Effective start/end date5/1/194/30/22


  • Yunnan Academy of Tobacco Agricultural Sciences: $246,488.00


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