Characterizing the Nanostructure and Mechanical Behavior of Nanoporous Noble Metals

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Although the chemical properties of nanoporous noble metals have been the focus of intense research for years, their mechanical properties and structural details have received comparatively little attention. However, it is the combination of structure (high surface-to-volume ratio) and noble metal chemistry that makes these nanoporous materials promising candidates for advanced catalysis. Fundamental knowledge of the structure and mechanical properties of nanoporous noble metals is crucial to their technological application, e.g. as heterogeneous catalysts for the processing of petroleum products. The proposed research program will characterize the structure, chemical composition and mechanical behavior of nanoporous Au, Pt and Ir nanostructures obtained by dealloying. Nanoporous Au is a more prevalent research material, but Pt is a popular catalyst with greater technological relevance, while Ir exhibits unique mechanical properties. Beyond features such as surface morphology and pore size that other studies have revealed, we will investigate the complete three-dimensional structure, which has not yet been investigated experimentally. We will perform structural and chemical imaging using advanced transmission electron microscopy, complemented by in situ mechanical testing. A deeper understanding of the links between structure and mechanical properties of nanoporous metals will facilitate their future technological application. It will also provide a benchmark for computational studies of dealloyed nanostructures. Finally, fundamental knowledge of these nanostructured noble metals will advance the modeling of their growth and research into their catalytic and electrochemical properties.
Effective start/end date8/1/058/31/09


  • American Chemical Soc: $35,000.00


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