Children, Youth, and Families at Risk Capacity Building Program

  • Kurzynske, Janet (PI)
  • Stivers, W (CoI)

Grants and Contracts Details


1. CYFERnet-Program will determine core competencies, determine training needs, develop training modules for competencies not covered by existing materials, present training materials, and develop a certification program offering Professional Development Units (PDU) and/or Continuing Education Units (CEU) as appropriate. The primary and unique audiences are community site staff (CYFAR) and Land Grant University (LGU) institutional teams working with limited resource audiences. 2. CYFERnet and CYFAR Liaisons will host a conference with the purpose of promoting dialogue and consensus around key principles associated with CYFAR program development, technology, and evaluation and to update/revise current key documents that guide the CYFAR Program. Strategies will be developed for collaboratively building the three CYFERnet components, evaluation, technology, and program. A group assessment and decision-making process will produce mechanisms and a planning strategy that results in strengthened and more coordinated CYFERnet.Eight CYFAR Liaisons will identify, develop and conduct specialized professional development trainings for CYFAR SCP projects. 3.A steering committee representing key personnel responsible for capacity building across CYFAR will develop a strategic communication and dissemination plan regarding evidence-based practices and programs and promisinglbest practices. The plan will review and synthesize information, provide recommendations, and highlight best practices in collaboration with the Interagency Working Group on Youth Programs. 4. Coordinating with the CYFERnet Core Competencies team and the CYFAR capacity building work in evidence-based programs, a Virtual Summit highlighting emerging issues and evidence-- based practice in working with at-risk, children, youth, families and communities will be designed, implemented and evaluated.
Effective start/end date9/1/097/31/14


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