Children's Oncology Group Pathology Review

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COG expert pathology reviewers are assigned to COG study protocols to ensure fidelity of diagnoses for children with all types of pediatric cancer with both prospective (rapid) and retrospective reviews for COG protocols. COG protocol pathologists review case material from children enrolled in treatment and biologic COG protocols and are experts in the disease specific protocols to which they are assigned. Rapid (prospective) pathology review is required for certain protocols for enrollment to occur, to ensure that the children qualify for a specific protocol, and for placement on the correct treatment arm. Other protocols require review to ensure fidelity of the original institution's diagnosis. The reviews serve as means to ensure valid and reliable data for statistical analyses. COG expert review pathologists also participate in ensuring that tissues enrolled into various biologic tissue banking protocols have the correct diagnosis and appropriate subtyping. Reviewers will assess materials provided to them and return their reviews in a timely fashion to the COG Biopathology Center.
Effective start/end date4/24/152/28/16


  • Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia: $5,000.00


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