CHOP Greenwood Workload Intensity 2013-2014

  • Wagner, Lars (PI)
  • Greenwood Cassidy, Martha (Former PI)

Grants and Contracts Details


Workload Intensity Model--Site Infrastructure: The COG implemented a mechanism to offset costs associated with the conduct of clinical trials with a performance based level of support. For support of administrative duties by PIs and their staff, a workload intensity model based on the number of patients accrued to therapeutic studies is used to reflect the amount of itme and effort required by the site for the PI to hire, train, and evaluate staff, oversee the preparation of protocols for IRB review, interact with the responsible discipline investigators to assure their support in implementing protocols, and other administrative tasks related to the COG program. The Table below provides the current funding schedule for support of the oversight and administrative functions. Amount are subject to change based on NIH funding levels. The treatment accural number reflects an institution's 3 year rolling average (for example 2009-2011) of enrollments to COG therapeutic protocols. Treatment Accrual # Workload Intensity Level Workload Intensity Payment 6-11 1 $5400 12-23 2 $11,100 24-36 3 $$22,800 (amount received August 2013) 37-50 4 $36,100 51-70 5 $49,700 71+ 6 $69,200 All COG members without three years of enrollment will receive $5400 to implement the program, but this will be discontinued if the COG member does not meet Level 1 by the first assessment period.
Effective start/end date4/13/1212/31/15


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