Chronic Kidney Disease in Children Prospective Cohort Study

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Study Design The design of the CKiD study is a prospective, observational cohort of children with chronic kidney disease. Exposures will be measured at baseline and scheduled annual follow-up visits will permit the subsequent updating of the exposures in cohort participants. Outcomes will also be assessed at the annual visits and they include: measures of kidney function; neurocognitive function; markers of risk factors for cardiovascular disease; growth and other co-morbid conditions. The study will use the power of the cohort design with regularly scheduled visits at which markers of disease progression will be measured under standardized procedures. Levels and longitudinal changes in markers will constitute the primary outcomes. The study will collect data on clinical events with primary interest in ESRD and death. Such events will provide time-to-event data to determine heterogeneity of times to ESRD in children with mild to moderate chronic kidney disease.
Effective start/end date8/1/177/31/18


  • Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia: $4,200.00


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