Chrysalis House Prevention Evaluation Project

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The evaluation will be conducted by the Center on Drug and Alcohol Research at the University of Kentucky. Chrysalis House, Inc. has a history of collaborating with the Center on Drug and Alcohol Research including the Kentucky Treatment Outcome System and the Kentucky Coalition for Women's Substance Abuse Services. The Center is also currently evaluating a Chrysalis House CSAT funded Targeted Capacity Expansion grant. The overall evaluation approach has three primary objectives: 1) To complete a process evaluation, 2) To describe the project participants, 3) To examine short-term project outcomes for a sample of program participants. This evaluation includes collecting both quantitative data with structured interviews and qualitative data with semi-structured face-to-face interviews. Secondary data analysis of client records will also be included. In addition to describing program process and implementation, the overall hypothesis to be examined is: There is a relationship between the type and amount of treatment received and positive treatment outcomes including reducing risk for drug use/problem behaviors among adolescents, reducing risk for substance abuse and/or relapse for parents, and increasing family bonding between adolescents and parents. It is expected that the amount (intensity) and length (duration) of prevention intervention will be related to positive outcomes.
Effective start/end date2/1/033/31/04


  • Chrysalis Inc: $50,000.00


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